Thursday, August 18, 2016

Friday phone call, Monday in Mexico!

Arrivederci Boston!

Can you Spot the Missionary?  Logan Airport, Monday morning! Answer at the bottom of the page.

Friday morning we got a phone call that Lydia could leave Monday morning for Mexico.  We were in Maine, she was in Worcester.  Her doctor (the amazing Steve Barr) had talked with the church doctors and told them that in all his 20plus years of practice he had never seen such great healing.  He convinced them that she was good to go, and didn't even need the second cast he had anticipated.  It has been so wonderful to have Lydia pass through our home a few times as she has been here and to see her great love and dedication to the mission as she worked in the wonderful Boston Massachusetts Mission!!  She loved her presidents and her companions and had some very important experiences while she served here.

Here are some pictures of her with her mission family and her eternal family. :)

Sis. Jensen, Sis. Buck, Elizabeth, Lydia, the MILLERS!

Saying good-bye to Pres. Miller

Good-bye to Sis. Jensen and Sis. Miller

Good-bye to Sis. Buck
Dad's favorite missionary in all the world!
Sisters and FUTURE sisters (Abigail was in Maine, Elizabeth?)

Mom & Lydia
Hyrum is planning to be taller than Lydia soon.

See you in January, bro!

Sis. Lambert is BACK IN MEXICO!

Hurray!  I'm back!!  Dr. Barr don't look at this picture!

In the combi going to my new area!

Sorry I didn't write last week but we didn't really have time. But last week was fantastic! this week ... not so much. This week Hna Wong got sick so we basically spent the whole week at Prez's house watching the Olympics and running around to doctors. at least it felt that way. 

This area is so awesome! It is just so easy to work here I can't really explain it but the spirit is just so strong in preparing people before we even get there, and then guiding us to them. and it is not just 1 or 2 but lots!!

The first week I got here we invited 3 people to baptism and put dates/goals with them. Plus someone Wong was previously teaching got baptized my first Saturday there. It was a sweet old lady who was SO HAPPY to be baptized it was amazing.

Then Sunday. Wow! Sunday may have been one of the happiest days of my life. I just couldn't contain how happy I was when EVERY SINGLE ONE of our investigators that we had visited, and even some we hadn't, came to church and had good experiences.

Here are the baptism plans right now. Only Alejandra and Armando were taught somewhat before I got here. 

Alejandra 27 de Agosto (if she gets married)
Armando y Jorge 10 de septiembre 
Anayeli y Anali 17 de Septiembre
Alicia 14 de Octubre

Plus Anayeli has a 10 year old boy who we can most likely set a date with. Plus we found some really promising nuevos [investigators] and I am excited to work with them as well!
[Ed. note:  This is a picture and short letter from a sister Lydia taught before she left for her operation.  This sister was baptized while Lydia was stateside.]

 "I hope you are doing well since your operation.  I want to share with you that I was baptized.  You and Sis. Jones were a great help as I took this decision.  After hearing your testimony, I read the Book of Mormon.  Since then, my life began to have meaning.  Thank you Sister Lambert.  May God bless you."

Espero se encuentre bien,despues de su operación. Le quiero compartir;que me bautise.Usted y la hermana Jones fueron de gran ayuda,para tomar esta desición.Despues de su testimonio.Leí el Libro de mormón.Y  desde entonces mi vida comenzo a tener sentido.Gracias hermana Lambert.Dios la bendiga.