Thursday, August 18, 2016

Friday phone call, Monday in Mexico!

Arrivederci Boston!

Can you Spot the Missionary?  Logan Airport, Monday morning! Answer at the bottom of the page.

Friday morning we got a phone call that Lydia could leave Monday morning for Mexico.  We were in Maine, she was in Worcester.  Her doctor (the amazing Steve Barr) had talked with the church doctors and told them that in all his 20plus years of practice he had never seen such great healing.  He convinced them that she was good to go, and didn't even need the second cast he had anticipated.  It has been so wonderful to have Lydia pass through our home a few times as she has been here and to see her great love and dedication to the mission as she worked in the wonderful Boston Massachusetts Mission!!  She loved her presidents and her companions and had some very important experiences while she served here.

Here are some pictures of her with her mission family and her eternal family. :)

Sis. Jensen, Sis. Buck, Elizabeth, Lydia, the MILLERS!

Saying good-bye to Pres. Miller

Good-bye to Sis. Jensen and Sis. Miller

Good-bye to Sis. Buck
Dad's favorite missionary in all the world!
Sisters and FUTURE sisters (Abigail was in Maine, Elizabeth?)

Mom & Lydia
Hyrum is planning to be taller than Lydia soon.

See you in January, bro!

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