Monday, November 21, 2016

Hector's Baptism

Sorry I haven't written lately but I have started writing in my journal again so at least there will be some record for future gererations.

This week Hector got baptized. Gosh baptisms are so stressful! The day gets there and its like ARGH I don't even want them to get baptized anymore--everything is going wrong!! But it all turned out in the end. Hector is married to a less active and his in-laws are members as well. At the top of our area there is a colonia called Capulin. Hermana Wong had felt for a long time that we needed to go find some one up there and that there was a lot of potential, so we went. We knocked the door of some menos activas and an old lady leaned over the wall  and shouted " I'm busy could you come back latter? And my son in law wants to get baptized!" We were all a little shocked but quickly gathered our wits and put an appointment. I have had people before tell me they want to get baptized but usually they don't even show up for their appointments, so I didn't really have high hopes. Hector was convinced from the day we started teaching him that he wanted to get baptized but we couldn't really figure out why, since he didn't appear to have a testimony of anything. Heck, when the time came for his baptismal interview we adamantly advised the Elder not to pass him because we didn't think he was ready. When Hector and the Elder came out of the interview they were both bawling. Hna Jones and I didn't really know how to react. Elder Galindo just said "He's good to go! I don't know why you said he wasn't ready." Which kind of hit us like a slap in the face. I mean, we taught him everything, we invited him to read the Book of Mormon every lesson, and he hadn't done it.  We told him to pray to know if the church and he said he had but hadn't received his answer yet. We later got it out of them. So his interview was on Thursday and the last time we had seen him was Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon he headed out to Puebla to pick up his ailing father and on his way started the Book of Mormon. That is when everything changed. He now has a testimony of Joseph Smith, that the priesthood has been restored,  and that the Book of Mormon is true.

Cool stuff

So as missionaries we use a list of steps in Preach My Gospel to plan each week for our investigators. I have grown to love this process on my mission. It helps me  to organize my thoughts and see what we need to do to help those whom we are teaching. So this past week Hna Jones and I made a step by step Plan for how to plan when we get home :) I am so excited it is going to help me so much :)


Love you guys, Hermana Lambert #1

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