Monday, November 21, 2016


Hermana Jones my compa!
All is great here in Ayotla. We had a baptism this week... kind of. He is 8 and his mom is a recent convert who just completed a year of membership.  However he didnt want to get baptized because he is super shy and didnt want anyone to see him, he wouldnt even talk to us when we went over to visit him. Hna Jones and I have been visiting him since the begining of the cycle and telling him Book of Mormon stories that have to do with Baptism Like how Abinidi stoon up to Wicked King Noah, and then Alma baptized a ton of people, or how Amman cut off a ton of arms of his enemies and impressed the knig and them baptized the  king and basically his whole pueblo. Each time we told these stories we would end bearing our testimonies of baptisim and how it has helped us in our lives. We also got him a children's Book of Mormon and he started reaqding it with his mom. Then finally we invited  him to be baptized and he said yes!!! It was so wonderful to see him vencer [copnquer] his fears and take a step to follow Christ. But his baptisim was so stressful! We invited literally no one beacause that is how he wanted it, but about 25 people showed up! I can't get that many people to come to baptisms when I invite them! 

We found a lot of super cool new investigators this week which is good because the people we were teaching just weren't progressing. We meet Mauricio who just finished college and wants to know if God exist, Carlos (17) who would be atheist but he says the world is just to sad if you don't belive in anything-- and has been investigating varios religiones, and then David and his family and Yazmin. Yazmin is Jorge´s cousin/sister (there is a mixed up telenovela storyline if I ever heard one) she is so awesome! One day I was worried about Jorge and I just felt like we really needed to go visit him. It wasn't in the plans but we decided to go.  We practically ran. My stomach started to feel physically sick as I felt almost the desperate need to get to his house. I felt so ridiculous I knew que a lo mejor ni nada estaba pasando con el pero senti que teniamos que llegar. [most likely nothing was hapenning, but I felt we had to get there.] We had been calling his phone the whole way there as well and he hadn't picked up. When we got to his door we knocked and he wasn't even home! But his cousin answered the door and like the missionaries we are we contacted her and put a return appointment. I felt so dumb walking away from that house why had I felt  SO STRONGLY that we had to go if he wasn't even home? As we started teaching Yazmin I began to understand why. I have no time to tell the story bien but basically this we have taught her 2 times, she has come to church, she has fecha for the 26th of November, she has prayed and KNOWS that this is the true church that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the BoM is true, she has told her dad she is a mormon now, and is willing to do EVERYTHING requiered of her by our Father in Heaven :) It makes me so happy to teach people like her. The Story of David and his family is also really cool but I have no time left.

Thanks for being awesome, I love you guys :)
Hna Lambert

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