Monday, February 22, 2016

WEEK 34: Hello!

Early morning study

A member is Mary Kay rep--she taught us to put on makeup!

With my wonderful HERMANAS!

Hello Family of mine!

I love you. I love you all more than I can say. I went to the temple today for the first time in what feels like so long. As I was there I remebered again the purpose of this life--to learn and grow in families. I am so grateful to be part of this family and to have parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who are such great examples of how to LIVE the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am constantly amazed at the love that God has for us, that he prepared a plan so perfect. He knew that we weren't going to be perfect when he sent us here to earth. He knew that we were going to fall just as a parent knows that we can't go from crawling to walking without a few bumps and bruises. He doesn't condemn us for falling. When a baby falls in her attempts to walk and starts to cry and seems to say "not this, this is too hard, maybe I will just crawl forever" her parents don't say,  "You failure! How could you fall? now you can never learn to walk!" NO! Parents console, they lift their little one up, and say, "try again, sweetheart, try again. One more time."
God is our loving Heavenly Father. When we fall into temptation, when we are weak, he does not condemn us, but through the atoning and redeeming sacrifice of Jesus Christ he lifts us from the floor where we sit crying, saying, "This is too hard. I will never be the person, mom, wife, daughter I want to be." He lifts us and says "Don't cry, sweetheart. Try again, let me help you, one day you will learn to walk. And much more than that, you will learn to run."

God sees in us potential we can not yet understand.  Just as a baby can't see why it is so darn important that they learn to walk when thy are doing just fine scooting along on the floor!

I hope that all of you have felt God's love for you. and if you haven't I promise that if you kneel down to pray and ask him, he will help you to see how much he loves you. Without sincere prayers we are lost in this world full of confusing voices and various demands. God is conscious of all our needs, questions, worries and desires--and he wants NOTHING more than to bless us. To recieve all the blessings he has in store, all we have to do is follow the path that Christ marked with his example. 
So yeah, I Iove you guys. My mission is going all too fast and I feel like in no time at all I will be back with you!

Hna Lambert

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