Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 32: IZTAPALUCA!!! aka A Whole New World!

Here we go to....

Carrill del gato--We walk all the way down this at least once every day.
Me near our house and walking next to our water source
We're not in Mexico City anymore!
Me on our street
The road leading to our house
The Hermanas of Izapaluca
Here we go!  The new Iztapaluca zones!
Front and Center!  Getting ready!
New Compa?
Us with the Wonderful Sis. Stutznegger

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Well Iztapaluca is VERY DIFFERENT! More different than I could have imagined. Here I can see the stars, I live next to a field of leafy greens that looks suspiciously like kale but not quite.  The dogs are nuestras compas and they guard us in the street. There are horses, sheep, we walk by and see people skinning bunnies.   I get the drinking water from a man made riverish thing that runs in front of my door (a little worried about that). Here it is freaking freezing! I have to use 5 blankets at night. When I get dressed for the day I put on tights, then basketball shorts, then a slip, then a skirt, then sometimes another skirt, then 2 shirts, a sweater, a jacket, a scarf, my name tag and I am good to go! I am going to have to buy more warm clothes because I can wear all those clothes in my closet in just 3 days applying this method. 

My area is huge, HUGE but it is not that hard to learn because it isn't that there are so many streets--it is just that everything is so far apart. I did get landed in the area of Izatapaluca that historically has the least success but history, shmistory, I'm going to change this area around!  Well I love you guys! I hope to hear from more of you next week.

One more funny story before I go. The other day Hna Martinez (de Chihuahua) and the familia Castillo were trying to convince us that it doesn't rain in Chihuahua (aka the desert) because there are no plants there. I got a good laugh out of that one but even the girl who had gone to college for marine biology was supporting this theory!

Hasta luego! De su misionera en el campo<3

Week 31: Change is good!

Jocelin at her baptism

Jocelin 6 months later
Sic and Jocelin
Good-bye dear Jocelin!

Hola Familia,
As it appears you have hear from hna Stuz I AM LEAVING ORIENTAL!!!!
After 7 months walking the same 6 by 6 street area I am moving on. To an area where I haven't contacted every street.  To a new companion (Crying because I am going to miss Sic). To a whole new world where they have dirt streets, and mountains, and cheap tiangis. 

I am excited, and sad. I love this place.  It may have been extremely frustrating many times but there are also so many good people here. I don't want to leave Jocelin. Dang, I love that girl. We have been through so much together. Can't believe it has already been 7 months since I met her. Then there are those little old grandmas that just love us to death. I went up almost first in testimony meeting to tell everyone that I was leaving and to bear my testimony. Almost started a riot hehehe. I didn't realize this ward loved me so much, but then the people I least expected FINALLY showed up to church to say goodbye, and the ones I thought weren't my hugest fans started crying. Basically the whole ward passed by to take pictures with me at the end.

I guess I should wrap up and tell you some of the dangling funny stories of this area before I leave. About they lady who wouldn't let us sweep her floor but tried to put us to work washing her OSO [bear] of a dog (literally bigger than Hna Sic). Or about the time I performed a simple surgery on the foot of my investigator. Or the time one of the menos activas got us to go around knocking doors to find a home for a little -month old cat that someone left to die in the street. Or when Wolferts and I started crying over the childrens' cartoons Prez let us watch for New Years. But I only have 10 minutes left,  so I will just tell you about the time my investigator was reunited with her drug dealer.

We were at a convivió at the church to celebrate that a family got sealed, and we invited our investigators. I showed up with Alma and Wolferts showed up with R. and his family. WE had taught Alma that if she wanted to stay strong in her desires to keep the word of wisdom she needed to avoid her old friends and the places where she used to do drugs or she was going to fall in old temptations. We left her for a few min. and went to the bathroom.  She cornered us in the hallway and very seriously told us that R. was the guy that sold her crack about 3 years ago. We told her that the missionaries teaching him already new about his shady past (In fact at the time they were investigating a rumor that he went to jail for killing someone and not just for selling drugs). And she said "Oh good, I don't have to hide from him because he is just coming to God too".
The next sunday they both came to church and after sacrament meeting R.  came up and hugged Alma and told her it was good to see her here in church, and she said something similar. It was just so crazy to see them both standing there hugging, smiling, in church, all dressed up. Ex-druggie and ex-drug dealer united in Christ, changing their lives. It is so beautiful what the atonement can do. Now R. is baptized and a worthy priesthood holder who baptized his sister and his son. His brother is now also a member who baptized his niece. These famlies and people are so great. I love them and I love Mexico. 

This year I only have one goal. To live everyday so that if only one day was taken as a sample for my mission I would be proud and it could be counted as a successful mission. I know my time is short and I want to make the most of it. I love you all! till next week :)

Hna Lambert

Weeks 28-30: Pictures & MERRY CHRISTMAS as a Champion!

Merry Christmas from Mexico!!
Lots to celebrate!
Getting ready to sing?
Merry Christmas and now for the games....
We've narrowed it down...

Sis. Jones is tough!
Sis. Wolferts is the final competition...
Hurray!!  A teddy bear!!!
(Apparently she won the arm-wrestle, the limbo, tied in the hulu hoop contest, and was banned from the stick-pull!)