Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 33: Snow?

Ixtapaluca, Check out the snow-capped peaks in the background!

Our drinking water
Love the sunshine and the mouintains!

The road from our apartment to our area.

Champion Companions!

Hola familia!
It was so great to see all of you guys playing in the snow :) Tabitha loks so tall! Hyrum looks so grown up. Joseph looks like a friendly giant with fantastic eyebrows. And Mom, well as my comp said, you look just like me!

And sorry, Dad, I did drink the water. I just had one cup because I have been scared of getting sick but a week has passed and nothing happened. I mean my stomach has been really inflamed the past week but that's pretty normal when you always eat Mexican food. For the first 5 months of my mission my stomach hurt every day till I forgot what it felt like to eat without being in pain afterwards. Then one day after I hit my 6-month mark I realized my stomach didn't hurt! and I was pretty sure it hadn't hurt the day before either! It certainly was a turning point in my mission. hahaha but really... Entonces, being inflamed this week wasn't really anything out of the normal.

The cold continues here in Ixtapaluca and I have upped it to 6 blankets and we got a spaceheater, but it doesn't really work so it is more just for decoration.

This week we were really blessed to find a bunch of new investigators and interestingly enough all of them are male for the first time in my mission. We have Tonatiuh (which  means God of the sun), Alex, Juan, Fabio, and Areli--well Arieli is a girl. 

And yes, dad, we sould definitely hike these mountains when we come back to visit. It will be super challenging but lots of fun!

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting this Sunday and Prez and Hna Stuz came down to see me! Ok, ok, they didn't come down JUST to see me-- they were planning a visit anyways but they are just like awesome grandparents and when they come to visit they give us hugs and candy and it is just about the best day in the world. Hna. Stuz bought us all leggings to help us combat the cold. I love them so much they are the greatest :) The Stuz's, not the leggings, but those are great as well.  How funny that the first time I am wearing leggings in public I'm on my mission.

Thanks for the photos! Keep them coming!

Love you all! Hna lambert

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