Monday, November 21, 2016

Doing well and doing good..

So this week ws fun we walked A LOT! One day we walked for 2 hours, sat down to eat and then got up and walked for 2 more hours. pretty much all the days were like that and since we spent Monday climbing pyramids.... well it is a recipe for sore legs and tired feet!
I really do love this area. Sometimes you get to an area and in every home you get to they talk about Elder so-and-so or sister so-and-so, their names are all over the registros, random nonmembers in the street come up and ask about them. It is crazy how much of a legend some one can be. I have often wondered how much of a mark I leave in the wards I have visited. Heck when I had been in Oriental 7 months people still didn't know my name! Bit this week I really felt that I had made a mark. I was in the Izcalli ward for about 2 months right before I went home and once or twice I ate with Hna Mascarenas and her non-member husband. After that I would say "Hi" to her at church and chat her up activities but not much. Yesterday I finally made the connection that her grown up daughter is the Gospel Principles teacher in the ward I am in now. Her mom had been talking about a Hermana Lambert that had hurt her hand and her daughter made the connection that it was me and her mom told her to thank me because the first time I entered their house I said "Que casa tan bonita y mexicana" [What a beautiful mexican house.] She told me her dad had been remodeling the house for years  with the dream that one day someone would say that. She thanked me for being receptive enought to the spirit to say it. Something that meant even more to her dad because an American was saying it. It makes me so happy to know that I won a place in the hearts of this family. It also made so much more sense why the sister was so loving with me.

This week in Sociodad de Soccoro a recently reactivated sister was giving the lesson on Charity. She shared how her sister had been suffering from cancer for 5 years and Miercoles at 11:45 her sister finally passed away and how that day before 1:00 we showed up. We went in to the room where her sister was laid out and sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again and Conmigo quedate Senor. and something else I think. She shared how this experience filled her with peace.  I love that family so much. Her children are so fantastic. It amazes me how I can love people so much after such a short time.

We are also planning the baptism of Felipe the son of a recent convert. He is 8 years old almost 9 and has refused to get baptised. The bishop talked to him, the other missionaries have passed and passed and he always says no because he is very, very shy. Hna Jones and I decided that instead of inviting him to be baptized we would do dramatic retellings of book of Mormon stories that related to baptisim. We also got him a children's BoM and got him to start reading it. It worked. After almost a month of visiting him Hna Jones and I invited him to follow the example of Jesus Christ and to be baptized. He said yes :) I am so happy he really is an adorable kid :)

Jorge keeps being fantastic. He hasn't even been baptized for a month and he is already in Jacob, reading Genesis and has passed chapter 12 of the Gospel Principles book! This kid is on FIRE! Plus he has told us he is thinking about going on a mission and when others ask him he says he would like to :) I hope he does! I will write him every week if he does.

Yesterday Prez called us to ask Jones and I our opinions on changes and it looks like we are going to get to stay together! He is going to send us a latina though so we will be in trio but that should be fun and will help us to speak more spanish. It also means that when I go home I will have had 14 companions in 17 months. Que loco verdad!? Prez also asked me when I want to go home. He said anywhere from Dec.7th to January 31st but I think I am going to stick with January first even if it mean I miss Christmas con ustedes.

I love hearing bout how you guys are doing. I think I lucked out and got the best family in the whole world :) I love the mission, It is the best thing I have ever done with my life :)

Hna Lambert

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