Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept 7 and Pictures from Mexico

Sept. 7

Hola Familia *sniff*sniff*

You know you are sick (or maybe just a missionary) when you can't even remember your own first name. I don't know, maybe I'm sick because I have probably kissed over a thousand people this past month. Or maybe it was the whole shaking hands thing, I'm not really sure. Plus, almost all the sisters in our mission have been sick with this cold thing and we are all crammed in a tiny combi for hours everyday. yuck! If I never get in another combi it will be too soon. Well I could feel it coming on this whole week but I was hoping it wouldn't hit until after the temple open house. Nope. The last day we were supposed to work at the temple it hit so bad that I could barely stay up in my chair during the 5 baptisms we had this Saturday (all from english class!). 

So I asked for a blessing. I felt the spirit really strongly but I didn't necessarily feel a whole lot better. Then we were out walking around in the sun for about an hour and I just held on to the promise in my blessing that I would have the strength to work according to the desire of my heart. That kind of hit me because a not so small part of me didn't want to work. I wanted to go home and take a nap! Anyways, I started to feel a lot better and after lying down in that terrible combi I felt even better. By the time we got to the temple I felt fantastic! I was full of energy and I was happy. It really was a miracle for me.  We worked really late that night and didn't get back until almost 11, but I was fine. The next day was good too, now I'm starting to feel gross again but maybe that's just because its p-day and I don't have any good work to do. Still, I'm nowhere near where I was Saturday. I sent a lot of pictures I hope at least some of them end up on the blog. Also, I have been sending a lot of photos via other people to you mom and if those could get on the blog i would really appreciate it. Love you lots!

Hna Lambert

Link to an article about the open house!

Sister Jones and I

some old pictures from when I was with Sis. Wong

 The view from our apartment

I am getting tan!

Hermana Wolferts deep-cleaning the fridge!

 All the sisters in the combi!

Baptisms are great!

I love the sisters!

Here we are with our Mission Mom, Sis. Stutznegger!

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