Monday, December 12, 2016

The home stretch, a new Book of Mormon translation

Hey guysI love you so much!

SorryI haven't been writing a lot. Since I don't have a ton of p-days left  in my mission I have been visiting the pyramids, going to church camps ,and all sorts of fun things that don't leave a ton of time for writing. 

Every once and a while as a missionary you are getting ready to leave for the day and you check your agenda and see a lot of appointments that seem not to matter. It can appear that none of the people you are going to visit that day really want to listen to you or want or progress. But never fear, the Holy Ghost is here! Inspiration is just the best and  even with so much time listening for and seeking the guidance of the spirit I often don't realize it was  inspiration till we get to the appointment and they tell me "I know that my heavenly father loves me because I have _____ problem and he sent you" that happened 3 times this week. A single mom with depression who was at the end of her rope. And old grandma recovering from vertigo with an alcoholic son and a daughter, about to complete 6 years living with cancer, who just wants to come to church but is the breadwinner in her family and cant see a way to do without working Sundays, and a young recently married  member whose husband is a convert and a recovering alcoholic. I know that as missionaries we are nothing more than instruments en los manos del Señor.[in the hands of God]. There is nothing more beautiful than having the privilege of being a manifestation of God's love hacia estas personas. I know that God loves and knows each of us individualmente and he is ALWAYS aware of what is happening in our lives.  He is ALWAYS reaching out to help us because he loves us. He is our Father. He created a plan of happiness, a plan for our salvation! As missionaries we always teach about the plan of salvation that applies to all of us but I know that he also has individual plans for each and everyone of u--Plans for OUR happiness--plans to save us :)

I have served in 6 diff wards in this stake since January, I love going to all the stake activities and knowing everyone. This Sunday was the primary program and the Stake primary prez (from monte corona) came down to watch. They had all the missionaries (there are 7 in my ward) get up and sing with the kids Army of Healman  as we sang with these sweet children "we will be the Lord's missionaries and bring the world his truth¨ there was hardly a dry eye in the whole building. It was so touching to see the audience mouthing the words. See the missionary moms crying, seeing the young single adults who are struggling to get out on missions cry. They recently made a new rule here in Mexico. The church is not going to pay for the missions anymore.  Everyone who wants to go has to pay 80,000 y tantos pesos. That is money most people here just don't have. Especially if only 1 or neither of their parents are members. There are 2 jovencitas in the ward who want to go NOW but are trying to work and borrow and beg to get the money they need to go on their missions. Also Jorge talked with the bishop and is going to start his papers and a cuenta para ir appartando his dinero and they are looking into getting help from the stake to help him go on a mission. When I heard Jorge wanted to go on a mission I almost cried :) I will be so happy if he goes. I know that our leaders are inspired and if the youth here have to pay for their own missions it will only make them stronger and the Lord will prepare a way for them to save the money if they keep the commandments.

 I have had a great mental wall up and didn't even think about going home  until recently. Hna Jones only has 2 weeks left and seeing her get ready to go has smashed that wall into a million pieces. Well to be honest, more than Hna Jones it is Prez calling us crying on the phone to say how much he will miss us or Prez asking is he can come to appointments with us and then making sad eyes at us. During the mission tour every time he looked our way he started to tear up. It is a little hard to stay focussed when everyone talks so much about going home. Pres told us he was really sad but now not so much because the Holy Ghost revealed to him how happy our lives are going to be after the mission or rather that prez should let us move on. He said that probably 3 times and the third time he said it he added. ¨But its a lie because really I am still sad¨ It is sad to see the mission ending but it only makes me more dedicated to make this last month count for all it is worth.

They recently came out with a newly formatted Book of Mormon in Spanish. It is so weird! I was just reading a long and all of a sudden THE WORDS WERE DIFFERENT! Turns out the revised it to be more like the english translation but it weirded me out to have my scriptures changed. In Mosiah 2:21 they changed inutiles to improductivos. so when I saw that I went and checked other scriptures that I had noticed were diff from the way are in English. I was surprised that they didn't change Alma 7:6 because I feel that it is very different. Also side note I like Alma 34:31 better in Spanish. Basically in general I like the scriptures better in Spanish I wonder if that will change when I go home...

Anywho I love you guys!
Hna Lambert

p.s. Pray for Jazmin she is still nervous about getting baptized (Jorge is going to baptize her)

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