Monday, December 12, 2016

Singing our farewell song!

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Vigilante Romeo stries again!
 IMG_4345[1].MOV   This is a link to our song.  I hope you enjoy it!!

about 2 weeks ago I was perusing my english hymn book and I found this hymn. As I read the words I realized that it was the perfect song to express the testimony of a missionary aun mas uno que esta regressando a casa.[especially one returning home]  First it gives an earnest testimony of Jesus Christ and as it says what tongue, what language could express my gratitude? Then in the second verse (commonly known as the third verse) it says change frowning foes to smiling friends. That is what the mission is all about! Random strangers on the street who are "too busy to talk" can become life long friends. "Chasten my soul till I shall be in perfect harmony with thee" the mission humbles us and pushes us to be more and more like Christ. As we try to be more like Christ we realize how far we have to go, and we beg every night on our knees "Father make me more worthy of thy love."

The last verse is my favorite in echo of king Benjamin's speech we recognize that we can never repay the lord for all the blessings he has given us. Not with 18 months of service, not even with a life time of service but as the song says we can love him. Then it asks have I not shown my love by preaching they gospel? Has it not been my joy by day and my dream by night? My comps can testify that I teach the lessons in my sleep haha and I promise you that the mission has brought me great joy.
Here comes in going home part "Then let my lips proclaim it still and all my life reflect thy will"  a life of dedicated service does not end with the mission.

I hope you like the recording I feel like we sang it better when we sang it in the going home testimony meeting but prez begged us to sing it again in the night so he could record it :)

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