Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 7: Illegal Love

Week 7:  Illegal Love

Hola Familia,

I’m starting to understand those missionaries who say they don’t write home because there is nothing to say... but I will give it a shot. 

I gave a talk on Sunday based in the Hymn Señor Yo Te Seguiré (Lord I would follow thee). It was great, I really felt inspired that this was the message the ward needed to hear. I talked about how we are all commanded to follow Christ and how we a want to serve and follow him. I talked about how to do that we need to do his work and DC 4:3 all those who have the desire to serve are called to the work. What is that work? Moses 1:39 the immortality and eternal life of man (aka missionary work). I talked about how missionaries need the members help and how we are here called of a prophet of God to serve them. How part of missionary work is helping our menos activa families come back to church. To finish It off I wanted to sing the hymn but I couldn’t make it through the whole thing. As I started the first verse I saw the little old lady’s in the back mouthing the words with me. On the second verse Hno. Perez Dominguez started singing along with me loud enough for everyone to hear. Good thing to because I had started to cry and could barely see the words on the page. But I stayed in strong till we got to the end and I had to stop after Señor. I tried to swallow my tears but couldn’t so I merely spoke the last words yo te seguiré. I couldn’t sing the last verse. I bore my testimony and went to leave the stand but before I could 10-yr old Alex the son of the Primary pres. ran up to me and gave me a wad of tissues. I heard from the ward that my Spanish was good and that they could all feel the spirit. Frankly I was a little embarrassed but they seemed to love it.

Yesterday we had an amazing lesson with this lady and her 2 children. But when we went to set an appointment for the next lesson she told us she was leaving Wednesday for the US. Her kids are citizens but she and her husband are not. She brought them back to Mexico so they could learn to read and write in Spanish but now they are going back to America because she knows there are more opportunities for them there. She is going to cross illegally and then go meet up with her children and husband in California. I wish I had time to tell you her story It really is so beautiful and romantic. I can’t encourage anyone to break the law but I am rooting for her in my heart of hearts and praying for her as well. Praying that she can be reunited with her family and that she can keep listening to the gospel in the states. She is so prepared and she totally agreed with everything we said. When we told her about the first vision you should have seen her eyes they were glued on us. She even already knew where a chapel was near where she lives in California because she saw it when she was there before and was curious. we are definitely going to pass her address to the office so they can send it over to that mission. Well Im out of time but I love you guys :)

Hopefully I will have more exciting stuff to tell you next week!

Cuidense mucho! Hermana Lambert

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