Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 8: Jocelin

Week 8: Jocelin

Yesterday Jocelin Gonzales got baptized :) :) :) :) She is one of the first people I taught once I arrived here. This week was pretty chafa (a waste) and it could have been a really hard disappointing one because everything seemed to be going wrong but Jocelin. We had many lessons with her this week and had some really great experiences. After her Baptismal interview we were all so happy none of us knew how to express ourselves. We were like the people in Mosiah 18:11 clapping for joy. 

This is us right after her interview
So much has happened this week. This week was not the greatest and told one way it could be the story of the worst week ever but it didn’t feel that way. It had so many high points were we felt the spirit so strongly. We had to drop a lot of investigators who just weren’t progressing. It was especially hard to leave the ones I really like. I know how much the gospel can bless their lives and I can see how much they are already doing to have Heavenly Father's influence in their lives and they receive blessings for that but they need to take it one step farther. However I have faith that if I leave their registros (records) in the carpeta de area (area book) then one day a missionary will feel inspired to look them up when they are ready to make these changes in their lives. That is what happened with Jocelin who got baptized this sunday. She had been dropped by multiple elders but when we looked her up she was finally ready and she really did everything herself. 
Here is a picture at her baptism
 Here is a picture at her baptism. I love her so much it was really amazing to be able to help her in this process. I just look at her and see all the blessings she can now have in her life because of this decision. A Temple marriage, an eternal family, children growing up in a loving family where they recognize their divine potential and eternal life in the world to come with heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have never seen anything more beautiful :)

I love you all :) Hermana Lambert

p.s. (Yes it is starting to get really, really hot but I almost enjoy it because thus far it has been really cold and rainy almost everyday.)

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