Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 11: Abrir La Boca

Week 11: Abrir La Boca

This past week there was an activity for the Primary in our ward called CCM For Kids where all the children did MTC (Missionary) training and then came with us on a few citas [appointments]. They wore the cutest name tags that said Futuro Misionero. Since just about the only kid from an active family in the Primary is the son of the primary president it was especially touching to see 9 little boys and 1 girl between the ages of 8 and 13 all turned out to help us teach the gospel. We had some amazing experiences with these kids. They just brought such a sweet spirit to our lessons. On Sunday, the primary prez invited one of the 10-year-old boys up to bear his testimony during sacrament meeting. His family is menos activa [less active] but starting to come back and his abuela [grandmother] is pretty active. Right now they are trying to bring his 22-year-old brother back so that they can all get sealed in the temple. He got up there and began to testify about the joy he felt when he was with las misioneras [the sister missionaries] and how he wanted to be a missionary when he grew up. That little 10-yr-old broke down crying on the stand but managed to choke out between his sobs "Yo se, que vive mi Senor. Yo se que el sacrifico todo por nosotros, y Yo se que esta es la iglesia verdadera." [I know that my Savior lives.  I know he sacrificed everything for us, and I know that this is the true church].  He had the whole church in tears as well. There is nothing more powerful then the sincere testimony of the pure of heart.

This Friday we had a Noche de Barrio (Ward Night) trying to get everybody to participate more en la obra missional [missionary work].  The theme was Every Member a Missionary. One of our investigators showed up to pick up his grand kids from an activity and decided to stay for the Noche de Barrio. At one point we divided up into groups and discussed different ways they could participate. His group was “Abrir la boca” [open your mouth]. Then we all got back together again and we had to share what we learned in our groups. Everyone in his group left so he got up in front of the ward and shared a sweet testimony. He told everyone that he was new to this church but that he was excited to be here and to join us. He told us that one day he was standing on the street trying to decide if he should go inside his house or stay out. He was going back and forth, back and forth, and was about to go inside when my companion Hna. Wong and I passed by. We passed by but then we stopped, we turned around, and we came back. We told him we had a message about Jesus Christ that would help him find more peace in his life--that would help him find joy in the middle of whatever trial he was facing and he thought of his son in rehab. When we asked him if he wanted to hear more of our message he said, “Yes”. That was my first day in the mission. One of my first contacts, and here he is preparing to be baptized! :) It was wonderful to hear. And if my comp had not opened her mouth we would have just passed by and kept walking.

Today I went to the temple and all the sister missionaries who are going to work there got to tour it before the VIP tours we are giving this week and before the doors open to the public next week. I was the first person to walk through the doors in the first tour in over 33 years. It was amazing! I could not believe the spirit that I could feel in the temple, and it is not even dedicated yet!! So many amazing things happened there and I had so many thoughts I want to share but I am out of time so maybe next week.

I love you all. Remember to open your mouths and share the gospel with those around you. These are your friends and family! Don’t be afraid to share with them the great gift that is the gospel.  Don’t deny them the chance to have the blessings in their lives that will allow them to have eternal joy with their families!

Les quiero mucho! [I love you all very much]
Hermana Lambert

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