Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 12: Temple

Week 12: Temple


     Working at the temple was really weird because we were not actually in the temple we just watched the same 10 min video all day and asked people to turn off their cell phones. The next day we were in the Carpa de Recepcion talking to wave after wave of people. Thursday over 10 thousand people came through and Saturday there were even more but I haven’t seen the numbers yet. All these people come from so far away! traveling 4-6 hours just to come see the temple, and it is not even dedicated yet!
     The other day after my companion and I had presented the video and were ushering our group out into the hall where their guides were going to take them into the temple, when this couple approached me. This beautiful couple was practically glowing and seemed very excited to talk to me"Hermana Lambert, Mucho gusto usted es una familiar de Elder Lambert?"[are you elder Lambert’s family member?].

      I sort of paused and must have given them a look like"how am I supposed to know its just a last name" but I felt something special welling up inside me and I said yes. "Ben? Ben Lambert?" my smile was about a mile wide as I said " SI! SI! Es mi tio!"[YES!YES! That is my uncle] They told me about how he was their missionary how he taught them and baptized them and now they are here in the temple. We were all so happy, I wanted  to take a picture with them to send you guys but they were losing their group so they ran off. As they hurried a way she shouted back to me that they were they Familia Hernandez so that I could write you guys about them. It really was a very special experience :)
     When I am in the carpa sometimes I feel like I just walk from couch  to couch absorbing peoples problems, crying with them, offering a few words of advice then off to the next couch and it starts all over again. That and standing around in a hot tent all day makes us all exhausted by the end of the day. Add to that the fact that the past 2 p-days we were working in the temple and we had no time to rest ... lets just say some tensions are running high among the sisters. Luckily the sisters in my area are all pretty awesome so while we may be fraying at the edges no serious problems have arisen. I live with my companion Hermana Viallobos my old comp Hermana Wong and her new comp Hermana Wolferts

I am out of time but I love you all, write me snail mail!

les quiero mucho,
 Hermana Lambert

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