Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 20: Tortillas!

These pictures are courtesy of Sis. Wolferts and her new camera!  This is the question we always ask people!

We love the camera!

Ready to tract!
Oct. 19, 2015
So due to a series of unfortunate events I do not have a full hour to write you today :( so this will have to be quick and snappy! I'll just give you some of those truly  Mexican stories I didn't have time for last week!

1. Tortillas
A meal is not complete if there are not tortillas. PERIOD. Tortillas are everything. They serve us pasta in creamy sauce and when we don't use tortillas they start handing them to us. We were eating Chicken nuggets with french fries and the sister told me "Aqui estan las tortillas. "[Here are the tortillas] "Gracias, Hermana," I said as I continued to eat the french fries. "Aqui estan!" [Here they are!] she repeated as she noticed I wasn't eating them. "No le gustan tortillas?" ella me pregunto. "No hermana, si, a mi me gustan tortillas" [Don't you like tortillas?, she asked me. "No, sister, I do like tortillas]  I said with a smile as I grabbed a tortilla and loaded it up with chicken nuggets and french fries... It is just so crazy to me.

Or one time I was eating avocados with tortillas and I asked the sister if she had any salt to put on it. BAD IDEA. Poor lady didn't have any salt in her house so she gave me papas (potato chips) and told me to put them in my tortilla. I told her I was fine, but she insisted. SHE was certain that because I had asked for salt I didn't like it and would not be happy until I made my avocado saltier with potato chips. BUT THE CHIPS WEREN'T EVEN SALTY. :)

2. Know how last week I told you about that contact from a few months ago? Well 3 days ago we found her again but my new comp,  HNA Sic contacted her before I could tell her who it was. It almost ended in the exact same way--this time with us promising to find her in the spirit world to let her know that there really is a life after death.

3. The other day we were contacting and this lady passed us with a lot of bags so of course I offered to help her carry them but she said "NO thanks! your companions already tried to help us in the market!" Hna Wolferts and Hna Martinez already tried to contact and help them!

And to end it on a spiritual note, last night Hno Levi, one of the awesome members in the ward who helps us a lot, was out with us accompanying us to citas [appointments] and giving us references. when it was 8:30 and we were thinking of going to one more menos activa casa [less active home] before we went back home I could see him thinking about some thing he was debating por un buen rato [for a good time] when he said "Ok, tengo un a referencia mas para ustedes. Es mi mejor amigo del mundo " [Ok, I have one more reference for you both.  It is my best friend in the world.]  I felt so honored that he was trusting my companion and me with this reference. He was a teacher in the MTC [Missionary Training Center] and he told us that when he first got home from his mission and saw the elders that were here he wanted to help them, but he knew that he could not trust them with his friends so  el dijo "Ok voy a esperar hasta que llegan missioneros que son obedientes"[he said, "Ok, I am going to wait until obedient missionaries come.] and there have been some good missionaries in this area in between then and now, but he still waited until us to introduce his friend of over 23 years to listen to us. 

Ok, well, I love you guys and I love the photos you sent me. And my pink dress :) wearing it always make me smile. Till next week

con much amor  Hna Lambert

Zone Conference "cool photo" contest

Let's DOUBLE our efforts!

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