Tuesday, October 6, 2015


MEXICAN flag from on our roof!

A Second View from our roof!

The view down through our apartment from the roof! (3rd floor)

Dear Family

Well, this week I have definitely been able to start to see the fruits of my labors in re-dedicating myself to the work.  Alma, mente, e fuerza, si? (Heart, mind, & strength, yes?)  And even though we were working less in my actual area (what with the night we took off to go to the mission offices to talk to Prez, the day we went to the temple, and how now we have 1 companionship covering 2 areas) we had way more success this week.  At least visible success. :) 

Our lessons with members present went up and I FINALLY have a progressing investigator and he told his family about us and his dad is reading the Book of Mormon!  And we only taught this guy once!  His whole family is de ORO. :) [gold]  I am so happy.

The only dent in my happiness is that Jocelin, the girl who Wong and I taught and baptized in the first 6 weeks here in the mission is not active anymore.  Some of the hard part of rejectino is just loving people so much and seeing their divine potential.  Then you love them all so much that as long as they will listen to you, you just want to keep teaching them but that's not how it works.  They need to put in their own effort and if they won't read and pray they will never progress.  So you leave them and move on to look for new people.  It is like I just got out of a relationship.  I don't want to love the new investigators as much as the old ones because I'm afraid I will just have to leave them again.  But, if I'm not teaching with love, they will never care what my message is.  So I pray for charity, love my investigators, and get my heart broken again, and again, and again.

So, this was the question I took to conference.  "How can I love my investigators and really care about them, teach with the love of Christ, but still keep myself from being heart-broken when they don't accept?"  Well now, even just typing out that question, I realize how obvious the answer is.  You can't.  I need to see every person as their parents see them.  Especially as their Heavenly Parents see them.  I will love them and I will be disappointed.  My heart will break but Heavenly Father will comfort me.  Heal my heart.  Help me start over.  

This letter sounds sad, but really this has been a fantastic week.  Great things are happening in my area and I am excited to get back there with my new comp and work full force. :)  I got to go to the temple this week with Hermana Crichton and do a session in the temple her last day here.  Then we had conference so it has just been a spiritual whirlwind and my heart is full of peace.  I love you guys :)  I got the package you sent me in the beginning of the week and I got the big letter you sent me with the photos hoy.  You guys are the best! 

Hermana Wolferts is going to send you a bunch of pics for the blog :) [see above and below]

Peace Out! 
Hermana Lambert

Our "heater" in the bucket, getting ready for a shower!

Handmade gifts (from newspaper) by a recent convert

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