Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 21: Contacting for Days

My district before the changes
Hola Familia!

So last week, right after I got out of the internet cafe, I realized I didn't tell you sooooo many things --but guess what? I used up almost all my internet time reading my 25 emails (you guys are the greatest) and now I have almost no time to write (sorry mom, I'll do better next week). Well--bullet point version of my life...

1.At the begining of this change I got a new companion Hna Sic de Guatemala.  She may be the shortest person I have ever seen she is super sweet and we are both Sister Training leaders! Loco! Yo se! [Crazy! I know!]

2. As Sister Training Leaders we go on divisions a lot, and it was nice to visit other areas see how other wards work, and also realize that part of the reason we are not seeing a ton of success in my area is because the people here are a lot harder.  We contact 100 people and we are lucky if 15 accept. Of those, about 7 will have given us a false number. Of the remaining 8, when we come back to their house, 3 of the people who answer the door claim they don't live there. That leaves us with 5--2 of which are never home--which leaves us with 3 who listen and after a week 1 with the potential of progressing. So yah, it is nice to know not all the areas in the mission are like that. But I honestly dont feel mad or disheartend because I know I am being obedient. I can be better. I can mejorar [improve] my teaching skills, but I feel good with my effort. I'm inviting, people just aren't coming :)

3. One day when I was out of my area on divisions my comp was contacting and she invited these jovenes [young people] to church but they brushed her off saying "Lambert ya nos invito" [Lambert already invited us]  No idea who they were, but nice to know I'm making a name for myself :)

4. I am trying to think of a spanish pun using  beatrice y habia tres because here they sound exactly the same.

I love you all! Peace out-- I promise a real letter next week!

Hermana Lambert

Seeing Sister Villalobos at Zone Conference

Picture courtesy of Sis. Stutznegger, at Zone Conference

With Sis. Villalobos and Pres. Stutznegger

With Sis. Wong in our apartment--picture from Sis. Wolferts

Foviste Ward

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