Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 23: Letter

Halloween Packages and Cleaning Supplies!!

The part about writing you guys is I can't remember what I already told you. Did I tell you about the Menos Activa [less active] that insists on calling me her nuera [daughter-in-law]? Did I tell you about our Mariposa Lavanderia amigo [Butterfly Laundry friend] named Jesus who promised to come save us by splashing bleach in the face of any of thy guys who bother us? Did I tell you about the lady who uses some glasses she found in the trash as a headband, or that some people said that with my accent I could be from Chihuahua (I'm working on my buenas noshes y mil oshoshientos -1800)? Did I tell you about the abuelita [little grandma] that is teaching me to crochet (I am making a tie)? There are just so many things that happen. Mas que nada estamos aqui trabajando duro. [More than anything, we are here working hard.] Hitting the streets, knocking doors etc. Asi es, la vida de una missionera. [So it goes, the life of a missionary]

Hna Wolferts sent her mom some pictures of me so you can check her blog if you want to see my beautiful Mexican outfit. 

 I guess I will tell you about Alma. She is a golden investigator. She has some addictions (not sure what to) but she hasn't had any since we started teaching her. We teach her everyday at 6 and she says when she is anxious all day it isn't to go buy more drugs, it is for us to come and teach her the word of God. We go very slowly with her because it is hard for her to remember things and she can't read. But we leave her with pictures to help her remember the lesson and she explains it back to us the next time we come. Really, I think she captures what we are teaching more than most of the people we teach. She worked collecting trash and washing taco stands. I love her, she has had such a hard life but she wants to get baptized and is actually fulfilling  all the commitments! It is like a miracle! To answer your question, Dad, yes, my area is definitely one of the richest in my mission, but as you can see we have our success with the poorest.

Alright, I love you guys!

Hna Lambert

P.S. Hey Mom can you see if you can get my sibs to write me?

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