Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 24: Behind Every Soul Is A Number

Can you tell my Great-Great Grandma was born in Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua?
Hola Familia!
This week was great we almost doubled our numbers in every category. I know it is not about the numbers but it is nice to see a reflection of the work you do. The change really came because I decided we were going to teach a lesson every hour no matter if our appointment fell through, and our back up plan fell through, and our plan c fell through... This is a city FILLED with people. There is always someone we can teach and we don't need to waste our time walking from house to house looking for people that aren't home. Also, my companionship has improved a lot. We are just so much more united. We were always fine. We never had problems but now when I look over at her teaching I am just so happy that she is my companion and that I have someone as great as Hermana Sic to work with. You can be comps with anybody but there are only some people that you thank God for sending you.

So this week we did divisions with Hermana Wong and Hermana Jones following the new model of having both of them work in our area. Anteriormente [before] someone would go to their area and someone would come to ours but now we work as two separate companionships in the same area.  It was a bit stressful trying to plan twice as many appointments for the same day but I think we pulled it off rather well. I was with Hermana Jones-- honestly she is an angel!  There were times during our lessons where I literally turned to look at her to make sure she wasn't glowing (maybe it is just that she is very blanquita :) but I swear she almost was). She has such a sweet spirit and disposition I loved working with her :)

I finished the Book of Mormon for the second time in English here on my mission a few days ago.  It was so awesome. Now I just have to hurry up and finish it in Spanish!
I love you guys :)

Hermana Lambert

The following pictures and commentary about our typical meals are courtesy of the awesome Hermana Wolferts:

The classic meal we eat here is as follows. We almost always have 3-4 courses. I'm working hard to not get fat. That's actually not really true. I eat a ton. It's good that we walk a lot!

The first course is almost always some sort of soup, usually a pasta or vegetable soup, or both.
The second course is rice! I really like the rice here (: And people put either banana or egg on it sometimes and it's really yummy (I promise, it sounds weird but it's actually really good).
And then we have some sort of a main dish! I'm in love with salsa verde. I'm going to buy that stuff by the gallon from cafe rio when I get back (it tastes a lot like the cafe rio stuff, but that's about the only similarity between the food here and there).

And ALWAYS the meals are supplemented with tortillas. It doesn't matter what you eat. The people here are just SHOCKED when I tell them we don't have little tortilla stores on every corner back home. They all tell me I need to start a tortilleria when I get home. But the thing is that NO ONE eats tortillas in the states like they do here.

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