Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 26: Turkey Day makes way for Christmas!

Hooooolaaaaaaaaa Everybody!
Feliz Navidad (Maraca noises) Feliz Navidad (Maraca noises) I WANNA WISH YOU a Merry Christmas, I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my hearrrrrrrrrrrrt :) 

So yah, I know Thanksgiving just passed, but since Thanksgiving doesn't exist here there is no "NOT till after Thanksgiving rule" I have been trying so hard to be strong but now that turkey day has passed I am ready to go full hog in the Christmas spirit. I already put up a paper Christmas tree in my house, we have Christmas-themed kleenex, paper towels, and Christmas scented floor cleaner. We mopped today and now the whole house smells like Christmas.  It's great. I have also started buying these really delicious christmas cookies that come in a cute music box and there are like 5 or 6 different ones with different songs and I am slowly, with the help of Hna Wolferts, going to buy them all :)

So Thanksgiving doesn't exist here but Prez and Sis Stuz invited all the sisters and the office elders to their house to eat on Thursday :) but since their house is all decorated for Christmas it was more like a Christmas party with turkey AND THE BEST STUFFING I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY ENTITRE LIFE!!! I did miss mom's orange rolls though, and the vegan mash potatoes. Hahahaha JK I love mashed potatoes with butter and cream and all those lovely animal products in it. We got to hang out in our pjs and watch Frozen and Cinderella it was so fun. Probably the best comment of the night was made by Hna Wong right at the beginning of the movie where little Cinderella asks her mom if she believes in Fairy Godmothers and the mom says "I believe in everything" to which Cinderella replies "Then I believe in everything too" and Hna Wong said " don't you wish our investigators were like that?"

Basically Prez and Hermana Stuz are the best people on this planet. They are going straight to the celestial kingdom and I am so excited for Christmas. Love you guys!

An additionally:

Hi! How is it going?
This week we put into practice the "Attack of the Zone".   That is when all the missionaries of the zone come to one neighborhood and look for less active members and invite them to return.  I and my companion organized it with the other missionaries from our zone and it was a lot of work but it turned out awesome.  Our bishop was very happy and really felt that he saw miracles with the less actives, and afterwards was very said because people who promised to come, didn't.  Now he understands better how we feel when no one comes to the chapel week after week.  Even though we still have high hopes for them.  Also, many of the members who went with us said that they have more respect for us now that they see how difficult the work is.  One of them told us "You all walk so much!  I was only with you for 2 hours and you do this all day!"  Today I am so happy because even though it is P-day, we went to an appointment at noon with the brother of Andrea, our investigator who is 15, because she needs his permission to be baptized and he didn't want to give it.  He is Christian.  We went with a spirit of prayer.  Really we did all we could before coming to have the spirit and prepare ourselves.  And everything went well :)  I hope that she can be baptized Dec. 26:0

Until Later!
Hermana Lambert

Hola! Que tal? Como esta?
Este semana nosotros pusimos en practico el Ataque Del Zona. Esto es cuando todos los misioneros del zona viene a un barrio a buscar todos los menos activos y invitarles a regresar. Yo y mi compañera lo organizo con los otros misioneras de nuestro barrio y fue MUCHO trabajo pus salio bien chido :) Nuestro Obispo fue tan feliz el realmente se siento que vio milagros con sus menos activos Y después el fue muy triste porque los personas que prometió a el que iba a venir no fueron. ahora el entiende mejor como sentimos cuando nadie viene a la capilla semana tras semana. Aun cuando tenemos esperanzar muy altos por ellos. También muchos de los miembros quienes no acampanaba dice que tiene mas respecto para nosotros por ahora pueden ver que difícil es. Uno de ellos nos dijo "Ustedes caminan tanto! Solo estaba con ustedes por 2 horas y lo hacen todo el día! 
Hoy estoy tan feliz por aun que fue P-day nosotros pusimos una cita a los 12 con el hermano de Andrea nuestro investigador de 15 anos por ella necesita su permiso para bautizarse y el no quiere darlo. El es Cristiano. Fuimos con el en un espirito de oración. Realmente hicimos todo el posible antes de venir para tener el espirito y prepararnos. Y todo salio bien :) Espero que ella puede bautizarse el 26 de diciembre :)
  Hasta luego
Hna Lambert

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