Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 27: I'm not a TEEN anymore!

All the sisters at the Stutznegger's for Thanksgiving
Model Missionaries?

First, of all the message that the church is publishing via this amazing video https://www.mormon.org/christmas really speaks about the true meaning of Christmas. That when Christ was born in Bethlehem it wasn't just some baby. It wasn't an important baby, a Savior was born. And we so desperately need a Savior. We are so far from perfection we could never be good enough to make it back to our Heavenly Father alone. We need the priceless gift of the atonement. I love this video. I encourage all of you to watch it and share it with all of those around you.

Second, IT is my Birthday! Yay me :) I'm 20!

Thirdly, CRAZY CHANGES ARE COMING TO THE MISSION! Another stake with 8 wards is getting added to our mission and they send sisters there! This is huge because it means there are now 3 more areas where they can send sisters :) Plus they call this place Bautismo Iztapalapa because they have so much success there. The area of our mission that borders that area had over 57 baptisms so far this year. Plus, they are going to white wash us all in! [send them in without trainers] I am so excited and hope I get to go!
Well I love you guys see you soon :)
Hna Lambert
Just picking up!
My sweet companion got transferred out today!

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