Monday, June 1, 2015

First Week Provo MTC 6/1/15

First Week in the Provo MTC 6/1/15

At the Provo Temple with Aunt Kathleen, Rebecca, and Jacob

In my first district

Hermana Lambert studying hard
Hola mi querida familia! (and all you awesome people that read my letters)

I LOVE THE MTC!!! It is the greatest! I feel like I have changed so much already. I always knew the Holy Ghost was supposed to be our constant companion but I never realized what that  could actually be like until now. I feel the spirit all the time and I am constantly amazed by the stream of revelation. Never in my life have I felt the spirit so consistently and so strongly. 

I can already see the Lord blessing me in my endeavors to serve him. The scriptures open where I  want them to and my memory has been strengthened. From day one I have been able to remember specific references or chapters and what they contained that I had never even tried to memorize. It is so cool! Plus I read preach my gospel before I came on my mission a little but now when I read it I feel like I am reading a completely different book, I know that every word is inspired. 
I know that there are angels here at the MTC.  Sometimes it feels like I can practically see them standing in the class room with us.

Being in the advanced program is not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought I would be drowning in Spanish at least for the first bit.  I feel like I get most everything they say except their puns/word play and a few expressions that just don't translate well. Like "Que oso" that literally means "how bear" or "what a bear" also if someone knocks on the door you can say "pan duro" which literally means "hard bread" ... that makes no sense to me but they think it is pretty funny.

I have to concentrate  when I listen to them but it is not that hard too. Speaking Spanish is harder but is not too bad either as long as I stay in Spanish. If I switch out for anything it is like my mind is wiped clean and it is a struggle to slip back into Spanish and my words all stumble over each other. There is one other gringa hermana in my zone/branch named Hermana Moon but she is in the other district so we hardly ever see each other. I am only going to be here for 12 days and I wish I could have more time. Not a lot more but maybe 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. There is just so much to learn I cant soak it all in.

My companion is so sweet! She is 5ft 4in and is from Puebla Mexico. She does talk a little fast (that is code for super fast all the time) but she never gets impatient with me when I ask her to repeat herself. We are really good friends, we just clicked from the first moment. The other sisters in my district are pretty great as well there are 3 of them in a companionship. 

The first night I was here I went to wash my face and when I caught a glance of myself in the mirror I literally jumped with surprise. I forgot how white I was. All day I had been in a room full of Latinos and there is a fairly large range of color there but I realized that even Hermana Enache and Elder Luccion who I had been thinking of as "white" were several shades darker than me.

At the end of my first full day at the MTC my companion and I got called as a sister training leaders. A sister training leader is kind of like a zone leader but she only works over the sisters. So yah that is crazy. We went to a lot of meetings and talked with the current Entrenadoras during the next few days but we didn't take over officially until Sunday. 

Last night we had a great devotional by sister Perry the lady who wrote all those primary songs. It was really spiritual but there were also some really funny parts. Like when she was telling the story of how she met her husband and he got up to interrupt her and tried to take the mike away but when he couldn't get it he just grabbed her face and kissed her hard right on the lips.  He is 80 and she is 76 or something.  It was so cute. Hundreds of missionaries erupted into applause. After things settled down she said "Well I won't tell that story again... Or maybe I will..." there were so many other sweet moments like that. Plus all the senior missionaries are just such great examples of what a marriage should look like in 50 years from now. 

well I am out of time, I love you all. Hyrum, Joseph, and Abigail thank you for your letters. Hyrum yours brought me to tears. 

I bear my testimony that Heavenly father and Jesus Christ know each of personal and they know our individual struggles and trails. I testify that we will always be blessed according to our obedience. 
Hasta lunes! Hermana Lambert

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  1. Wow--you're on the fast track! What an amazing missionary you already are. I know I will look forward to reading this blog every week! 😘😘😘