Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 3: Leaving the 1 to find the 99 6/15/15

Week 3: Leaving the 1 to find the 99 


Lydia with her companion and other missionaries
Lydia meeting her companion


      I had an awesome first week. My companion is so great, I am so glad to have the chance to work with her. This week (has it really only been a week?) has been all about finding the lost sheep. My companion and I are both brand new to the area and found the records in disaster. We have been asked by the general authorities to pick 10 menos activa familias [less active families] and work with them to get them going to church,paying tithing, fasting, preparing for the temple, etc. 

       We got there and hit the streets. We are walking a lot. We spend a lot of time trying to track down less active families. It feels less like leaving the 99 to find the 1 and more like leaving the 1 to find the 99 hahaha but its all good.  We have a few really strong members who help us :)

      We are practically famous here now because we try to say "Hi" to every single person we pass, plus we are always asking for directions. I think saying "hi" to everyone prevents a lot of cat-calling because it humanizes us and they get recognition and a smile in a nice polite way. Our area is pretty small. We can walk all the way around it in less than an hour. So we have friends on every street now.

       I invited two people to be baptized this week and they both accepted! 
I know we still have a lot of work to do with them but I am very
excited. Both of these people were previously dropped by the sisters but they have never committed to baptism before. I have more confidence in Jocelin, I don't think Monzur really understands what we are asking.He wants to change but I think it is easier for him to stay as he is. We are also teaching an old couple we contacted and a fruit vendor who stopped us on the street to ask what we were teaching. I feel they are very prepared.  It is so fun to teach them because they are so interested. I love the work and I am looking forward to working more with these people.

       In the MTC one of my leaders always said be the missionary your mom thinks you are. That really struck me.  Not only am I trying to be the missionary I can be but I have have such great examples in both my mom and my dad of what kind of missionary I should and can be.  I love you guys so much! :) Thank you everyone who writes me. I love your letters. Sorry I have so little time to respond :) I love pictures see you all next week!

Hermana Lambert

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