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Week 4: Being Joseph

Week 4: Being Joseph

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*guerra= white girl*capilla= chapel

Hola Mi Amors!

      Everything is going well. And now I finally know how it feels to be the favorite child.  President is very concerned about the sisters, especially the American sisters, and since I am the only Guerra in the mission . . . well, let's just say all the assistants, the zone leaders, and the district leaders are bending over backwards to help us.

      We moved apartments this week and Elder Juarez and Elder Keyes (our district leaders) have been so great with everything.    They were so helpful finding a a new apartment and when we found this new awesome apartment that is in our area and super close to the Capilla they made it happen.   They worked it out with our landlady and moved all our stuff.  When Elder Juarez went to pick up my mattress he saw the big rip and how threadbare and old it is and said, "This is yours?  We are going to fix this."  The next day we got a call from Elder Rico (assistant to the Prez) telling us we were getting new mattresses.  Elder Rico has also been very helpful in getting us everything we need.  When I got to my old apartment we had 1 spoon, 2 bowls (but one had a hole in the bottom) and all sorts of things were wrong.  But the elders have taken such good care of us. Now we are all set up in a beautiful apartment, in a beautiful location, with everything we need.

       This past week Elder Juarez challenged us to bring all our investigators without baptismal dates on a guided tour of the Capilla that ended with us committing them to baptism in front of the font.  We brought an older couple (62&65) on the tour and in front of the font we had them close their eyes and I sang for them, "How Great Thou Art."  The spirit was so strong, then we asked them how they felt and Alberto started crying.  He said he really felt something and told us he had been reading the Book of Mormon even more than we had asked him to.  His wife was less on board, but she said she felt good.  Then, when we tried to commit them to baptism, they said they would think about it.  I think they wanted to talk about it among themselves first.  But, we are going to meet with them again soon and ask again.  It was really great.

I love you guys and your awesome letters:)  and I love the work!
Adios from Mexico,
Hermana Lambert

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