Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 37: Ollis



Hola familia,
Perdon que no tengo tanto tiempo para escribir :( Le escribo algo mejor la semana que viene.)  [Sorry I don't have time to write, I'll write you a better letter next week)

My new area es muy different. And I thought I was far out before! (JAJAJAJ) Pues aqui estoy. I have decided that the farther you get from the center of the city the larger the tortillas get. The were bigger in Ixtapaluca but here in Avila Camacho aun mas!

Here there are way more sheep, goats, and everyone rides by on their horses. In Ixtapaluca they had burros pulling the garbage carts but here we see even more. Everyone has chickens, everyone has a dog (at least one).

When I got here our house was covered in mold. COVERED! THE CEILING WAS BLACK I KID YOU NOT! Clorox has become my new best friend. We got the ceiling back to white but I discovered a different brown, blue, and lots of white mold on the walls and the next battle begins. Also I discovered that the grout isn't supposed to be black and that the tile isn't brown it is a light pink. We have decided to throw out the curtains (also full of mold) I was team wash them but... they were ugly anyway.

The members here are amazing. They are so friendly and loving and they are always trying to help us. They make me feel so at home and loved I think this will definitely be high on my list of places to visit after the mission. Plus they give a ton of references. In this first week I have gotten more than during my entire mission!

It is so beautiful up here :) The cold is mostly over and it is just nice and pleasant though it does get cold at night. It reminds me a lot of Maine. Plus for the first time in my mission it doesn't smell like sewage in the morning! It just smells like trees and animals and wood fires. I love it! I feel like for the first time in my mission I can breath :) I love you guys!

Hna lambert

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