Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week 40: Still Alive!

Here we are on the combi ride to La Guarda last week
Here we are with Elder Reyes grilling carne asada, and making puree de papa, arroz y tortillas

Here's a lovely taco de hamberguesa--a hamburger between two tortillas!
Yo Amo Jesus tambien!--spiritual grafitti!
In our area with some local kids

Hola Familia
This week has been really cold like EXTREMELY COLD. One day it was 5 degrees Celsius and the other 0 and below. The first day we got un aguacero (a downpour) con un buen de viento (high winds). The streets turned to rivers and even with our umbrellas we got thoroughly soaked. So much so, that when we showed up for lunch the members wouldn't let us leave till they had taken off our outer layers (including the skirt I had on over my Guatemala pants and fleece leggings) and used a hair blow dryer to dry them off. Then the next day we had a lot of hail, and then we even had a little bit of snow. It was so cool to see it falling around us. I was filled with childish joy as we danced around  and tried to catch snowflakes. Hna. Jones took a pic of a snowflake on my arm but you can't see it very well.

I realized I haven't actually told you a lot about what it is like up here, but I just don't even know where to start! Here all the kids ride around on their bikes but in Rio Frio, our other pueblo, all the kids age 3 and up have whips that they go around cracking. It is funny, but they get together in gangs and these 3 little (between 4-6 years old) kids were playing with their whips among themselves.  But then a bigger kid, probably about 8, comes around with his whip and started chasing them away. The bigger the kid, the bigger the whip.  Then a 14-yr old showed up and we didn't stay to see the thrilling conclusion.

Life is cool. You know--just normal missionary stuff.

So Just want to let you know that I love you guys. A lot a lot :) It seems in no time it will be May and we will be talking again!

Love Hna Lambert

P.S. Dad, where in Puebla did you serve?
A snowflake on my jacket, to prove it is cold!
Sister Jones and Sister Ramirez, so windy their umbrella turned inside out and broke!
All bundled up!  Sis. Jones is wearing a poncho the members gave her to keep warm!

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