Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week 39: Hola!

The Wondeful Sis. Jones and I at the church camp
No tengo tiempo para nada hoy. [I don't have time for anything today!]  Today we were all day at the Guarda that is a church camp up here with lots of swing sets, obstacle courses, a rock wall (that I didnt climb#obedientmissionary) and basketball courts, soccer fieds, kickball field, volleyball court etc. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! WE got special permiso de Prez to go up two zones together we were about 40 missionaries. Well, 6 hermanas and the rest were Elders. We took lots of pictures I will try to send you some next week.

I love the mission! We have lots of successful days but sometimes I feel, looking at my mission as a whole that it hasn't been what I wanted it to be. Well, I can only control myself and it really is the effort that counts.

Recently I have been studying the plan of Salvation AND IT IS SO COOL!!  Really deep study of any topic del evangelio (of the gospel) just gets super intense. I have also started a study journal (as of 2 months ago) That is much more organized and beautiful it really helps me. Also I have been thinking a lot about my high school friends. I can't believe I never set them up with the missionaries! Sometimes it literally keeps me up at night so to all my siblings in school DONT WASTE THE OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE TO SHARE THE GOSPEL. You have the unique opportunity to help your friends receive this joy. Missionaries spend so much time looking for new people to teach but you guys don't have to look. You already know who they are and where they live and what their needs are. Please invite your friends to meet the missionaries. Yes it might be awk, but it won't be as AWK as you think it will.

 Love you all, Hna Lambert

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