Monday, March 7, 2016


Whoaoh we're half way there, whoaOH livin' on a prayer, take my hand we'll make it I swear. WhoaOH LIVING ON PRAYER....

A few days ago I reached 9 MONTHS IN THE MISSION!
So as my parents know I have been sick... again but I am trying to decide if I give you an nice harrowing recounting that has you all wondering if I am about to die, or a quick little overview. (side note: I am not actually dying.)

Since nobody is ever interested in how sick you are except you, I guess I will keep it to the basics. (hahah have you ever heard me retell a book or movie?)
Wed- I had a throat thing for about 3 days, wasn't really worried. In the afternoon when we got to the next town over to work I started to feel like crap but there wasn't another combi for 2.5 hours. My comp asked me if I wanted to sit down as I was huffing and puffing when I shouldn't be. I decided that I could sit on a curb and feel miserable or I could teach people (or try to) and feel slightly less miserable. When you teach it is like everything else shuts off. You just get so focused on the investigator. Are they listening? Do they understand? Do they have questions? What do they need? So that pretty much keeps you from thinking about yourself. When we got home I was freezing so I bundled up till we took my temp 100 F here is a pic

The sick puppy

Thursday: MY temp went up to 101 despite the double dose of Ibuprofin I was taking and my voice had sounded like a toads. Slept in-- felt gross and cold. We planned a little, went to lunch, went home, packed and headed down the moutian to Neza for a special Leadership council meeting to plan the training thing we are going to do in zone conference. We went, it was great except I couldn't really talk. Not talking is hard for me.

Friday: Woke up with a temp of 102 and my voice had been further diminished to a soft whisper. I felt like I was dying and I couldn't even call my comp to come help me because I couldnt talk :( My District leader

District leader--he doesn't usually have whipped cream on his face.

told us to go to the hospital at 39C so we called some people and heaad out to Cami hospital. The only problem is that Friday morning in nessa was the Mission Council for all the zone leaders and sister training leaders and Jones and I were supposed to train them. So Jones stayed to do it with Llaguarima and I went with Wolferts. There were a bunch of paper problems and Wolferts and I ended up stranded outside the hospital for 2 hours without money, service on our cell phone, or a way to get in. That was rough... may have cried. Then we got diagnosed and went home with Prez Stutz.

We stayed up late that night (11 I think) trying to get my fever down but it just kept getting higher (102.3) or around there. We started using celsius and I don't know the conversion. Eventually they put me on a quadruple dose of Ibuprofin and 3 hours later another large dose of Tylenol and the next 3 hours ect. They all set alarms and woke up with me through the night :) HOW SWEET ARE THEY!!!

Saturday: My 9 month anniversary!

after that it was a lot of the same with my fever bouncing up and down and today POR FIN! I don't have a fever :) Which means tomorrow I can train in Zone Conference. OH YEAH! Only problem is I didn't bring makeup when I was sick so I have to face all those Elders WITH GIANT PIMPLES ON MY FACE but well it is the message that counts right?

Hna Lambert

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